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Hi, I'm Alex!

I'm a yoga educator and a healthcare education writer/researcher. I use inquiry-based yoga tools to support women in or approaching midlife. Twice a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, I have a PhD in medical sociology and have been teaching adults in higher and continuing education settings for many years. Prior to teaching, I was a trauma and orthopedics operating room nurse in a regional trauma center in Scotland. Now I use that expertise to teach yoga and create education materials for healthcare professionals.

Life is busy and full of challenges. Especially in midlife. Especially for women. 

I'm here to help you use yoga tools to nourish your physical and mental well-being in midlife and beyond.

Modern science is catching up with the mind and body benefits of yoga. Combining asanas (postures), breath control (pranayama), and meditation or relaxation (samyama) can promote and improve many aspects of physical and mental health across the life course. 

Especially as we transition from one season of life to the next. 

Let me help you develop a nourishing, consistent practice that you can count on to cultivate calm and build resilience—whichever season you're in.

It's not about the pose. It's about the practice.
Nourish your body and mind through consistent, supported practice. 


I'm a yoga educator and a writer/researcher in healthcare. I'm here to support you with yoga tools through your midlife journey. Read more.


Yoga really is, and can be, for everyone. But midlife can be a challenging time, especially for women. Yoga tools—movement, breathing techniques, meditation—can help you move with ease into midlife and beyond. Read more.


Join me to practice online in the comfort of your own space. Choose from weekly restorative classes, daily breathing practice, and specialized workshops. Read more.


What people are saying

Yoga practice with Alex always leaves me feeling inspired & energized! Her tone, cadence and delivery flow with incredible energy from the start all the way through to Savasana. The music she uses is thoughtfully created to match the energy of the class she is teaching. Alex is a delightful person to share space with. – Lisa