Cultivate calm

Cultivate calm

Many studies demonstrate the benefits of yoga for building strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as managing stress and enhancing vitality. 

Midlife can be a challenging time, especially for women. In midlife and perimenopause, our hormones are out of balance and our bodies are changing.

Adapted yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation can help you positively manage perimenopause. 


What people are saying

Alex is my all-time favorite yoga instructor. She brings an amazing, calm, gentle, and nurturing energy to all of her classes. Often, she will use poetry or prose to create a theme for that practice that she then weaves throughout the practice and returns to during the final Savasana. Alex is also creative and innovative in changing up her classes, so that no two practices are ever exactly alike, although they maintain the integrity of the intended practice (whether it is Hatha or Vinyasa or similar). This both keeps one on one’s toes, but also challenges different muscle groups so that one truly gets a holistic practice with Alex. I cannot recommend her highly enough. – Lara