Practice Online

Practice Online

Welcome to Moon Valley Yoga!

Let me help you develop a nourishing, consistent practice that you can count on to cultivate calm and build resilience.

Regularly scheduled classes.

Personally designed, privately taught small groups and individual sessions.

Mindful movement. Breath awareness. Empowered through practice.


What people are saying

Alex is one of those teachers who you come across rarely in a lifetime. She is entirely present in her practice and encourages her students to do the same for the time we are together. I particularly appreciate her constant humble connection to learning. She adapts and grows as a teacher as we grow as students and acknowledges when she learns something new, which makes her students feel comfortable to explore as well. This creates a feeling of genuine safety and calm in her classes as we challenge ourselves to improve under her guidance. I particularly appreciate that she is prepared and thoughtful for each class without being rigid and is willing to pivot if the energy in the class asks for something different. Her yoga teaches nourish both mind and body with a sincere, genuine and honest style.